I'll just find a comfy spot and wait it out...

More things I am loving recently:
Chilly weather. (Not a fan of the frigid, but I do love the chilly.) The Connection, green tea, the buy 2 get 1 free O.P.I. sale at Ulta, the hugs my kids give me, indulging my inner nerd with Cribbs, the World Series, my cowboy boots (or "cow boots" as my kids call them), the "Autumn Mix" on my iPod, J.Crew knee-high socks, new blue jeans.
And just a few things that I am not hating, but definitely not the #1 fan of:
Days at school where the breakfast includes syrup (because the students eat in the classroom), my alarm clock when it goes off in the morning, cute shoes that are just uncomfortable enough that I can't wear them to school.

I got tired of waiting for my kids to change. Then I realized that there were some things about myself that I needed to change before I could stress my self completely out about the kids. So my new plan of action is to be the one that changes. I fight the urge everyday to let my frustration really show. I try to focus on the positive, and reward good behavior. I am thinking that maybe while I am concentrating so hard on changing myself, the kids will do a little changing as well. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

P.S. I see at least 3 popped collars per day. It is hilarious.

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