Fat and Happy!

Today I read a book to my kids called "So You Want To Be The President?" Afterward, we went around the circle and talked about what we would do if we were the president and these are the responses I got:
"I would..."
... go to the bowling ally a lot!
... build a football field at the White House.
... tell the truth all the time.
... play golf in the front yard.
... get lots of animals with sharp teeth.
... go swimming and bowling a lot.
... build a basketball court cause I already know I'm going to be tall when I grow up.
... build a statue of "me" on the roof
... give money to the poor people
... be eatin' a lot, buyin' food a lot, swim a lot, and I'm gon' get fat and I'm gon' be soooo happy!
... take care of myself, and save people, and eat vegetables, and be healthy.
... build something and just stand there and look at it.
... be responsible.
Can I be a cheerleader?
... teach everybody "the rolling game" (this game consist of putting on a big coat, putting your hood up, and rolling around in the yard)
... have a party because I would be the greatest president!
... keep people safe
... give the good people whatever they want.
... keep the bad people in jail, and when they ask me can they get out I'm gon' say, "No, you gotta stay in there a little bit longer."
... build a hair shop in the White House.
... be skinny and take care of animals.

Ms. Peacock's class for president.

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