Whoa, seriously.

YAY tomorrow is friday!! I can't believe it! This week has FLOWN by. We've been back in school for 4 days, and we have had 4 good days! And that isn't even just exclusive to my class, it has been a school-wide 4 good days (kid-wise that is). The flip-side of that is that Wednesday was Angelena's last day in my class. We are starting this thing at school that is a room kids will go to when they misbehave (sort of as an alternative to the office) and Angelena is going to run it. When the principal came to tell me yesterday, first it scared the poo out of me because she came around behind my desk and said, "Mary Clyde, I need to talk to you about something." I think my eyes probably got about as big around as a dinner plates and all I could say was, "Uhhhhh... ok, we can go out in the hall" (Angelena was doing inside recess with the kids in the classroom). The principal said, "It's about Angelena, I can just stand here and tell you so that you can get back to work, I don't want to keep you." That made me feel a little bit better, but I was still working very hard to not shake visibly. Basically, she just wanted to tell me before she announced it at the staff meeting that we would be having this room now and that Angelena would be running it, so she wouldn't be my assistant anymore. She did tell me that I would be getting a new assistant, but I am still so sad that Angelena won't be with me anymore. I told the principal that I don't think she could have picked a better person to do the job and that I really am excited about this new program because I really do think it will be beneficial to our kids, but I will be very sad to not have her with me everyday. I mean seriously, I honestly think I would have quit my job a while ago if she hadn't been my assistant! Everyone at school keeps saying that they can't believe I have such a good attitude about having my assistant taken away, but I just tell them that I don't really have a choice but to have a good attitude. The decision has been made, and while it might not be something fabulous for me, I think it is a good decision. Plus, it is not like I am going to be assistant-less, I am getting a new one, it will just be a process to get her used to the way we do things in out class. I think it will be fine though. It has to be.

If life gives you limes, make margaritas.
-Jimmy Buffett

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