The Next 17 Days

I might be just a little bit obsessed with the Olympics.
And when I say a little... I really mean a lot. If you asked me what my favorite TV show was, I would say, "The Olympics." You might proceed to tell me how much you love watching the winter Olympics because the whole concept of the sport of Curling is just hilarious, or you might love the summer Olympics because your favorite sport is beach volleyball. Whatever your preference... I love all of it. I even watch The Today Show every morning just because they have exclusive Olympic coverage (and I am strictly a Good Morning America girl). But seriously, what is there not to love about the Olympics? From the opening to closing ceremonies, if I am at home, the TV is turned on to NBC. So starting tomorrow, if you are looking for me... I'll be at home, watching all of the action in Beijing. (Well really, starting on Sunday night that's where I'll be because I am going to the mountains this weekend which means I have to miss the Opening Ceremonies!! I am still trying to be ok with that... thank goodness for DVR... which I have set to record every bit of the Olympics that comes on NBC while I'm gone.)
In case you need a reminder of why the Olympics are so great, or you just need a little extra nudge to get you excited about the next 17 days, here are some of my favorite Olympic Moments:
  • Kerri Strug and the Magnificent 7 -- Atlanta '96
  • Michael Johnson's golden shoes -- Atlanta '96
  • Derek Redmond -- Barcelona '92 (see video)
  • Rulon Gardner beating 3-time olympic champion Aleksandr Karelin in Greco-Roman wrestling giving the Russian his first defeat in 13 years -- Sydney '00
  • The Original Dream Team -- Barcelona '92
  • Michael Phelps' eight medals -- Athens '04
Just to name a few.

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