Going Public

I did it. I joined the blogging world. I'm "Going Public". I figured that was an appropriate title for my first (public) blog since the Newsboys "Going Public" album was my very first CD ever... all the way back in third grade, wow. And I didn't even have a stereo with a CD player on it, just a little Sony Discman. It was awesome. I would sit in my room with my headphones on, blasting the Newsboys, and playing with my barbies. I know, you all wish you could be that cool. Anyway, back to this whole blogging thing. I just got my first real teaching job!! YEAHHH!!! WHOO HOO!!!! I am going to be teaching kindergarten and I couldn't be more excited! I was an assistant at the same school last spring and had so many funny stories to tell at the end of every day. My dad, after each story, would say, "Mary Clyde, you really should write a book with all these stories in it." Well Dad, this is the next best thing, with a little (or a lot) of my life outside of the classroom thrown in, we'll see. So hello world wide web, here I am!

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