Christmas Yet?

I am so tired of writing about the same thing all the time, but that is what my life feels like. Someone will ask, "How was your day at school?" My reply: "Same ol' same ol'. I made it through, but I don't want to go back tomorrow." "Ohhhhh, it's got to get better," you say.
It hasn't yet.
I am due for an unannounced observation by my principal this week and just the thought of it makes me want to throw up. Honestly, if I don't do that when she walks into the room, I'll probably start crying. On Friday, every grade level had a meeting with the principal in her office for an hour of the day. The first grade meeting was at 1:30, so I didn't get done until after dismissal. I passed my substitute in the hall and she stopped me and apologized for the mess and said she couldn't find a broom. She also said I had a "difficult" group and a book had been thrown at her head (it made contact). Well, I get back in the classroom, my assistant walks in, and her first words are, "Imagine the worst day we've had in here. Now multiply it by 15." She then points out the area of the classroom where some students where having a bead fight which explains the need for a broom (they were supposed to be making necklaces). She also tells me about 2 students who were quite literally, chasing each other in laps around the classroom. She said she stopped them, told them to sit down, and they immediately took off running again. Mayhem. That is the only way to describe it.

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