"I don't know the words to the Australian national anthem, BUT I do know all the words to Khe Sahn."

"Khe Sanh" (sounds like "key san" like sand minus the d) is this song that is apparently "that song" that is played at every sporting event and all Aussies love it and know all the words and it's the "second national anthem." Having cleared that up, I was introduced to this song about 4 days into my time here and have been made to listen to it many many times since then. We were watching TV the other night and the craziness surrounding Australian politics was on the news. That led to a discussion/education for MC on how Australian politics works. Somehow this all led to the American national anthem and one of my friends saying the line that is the title of this post. Maybe you had to be there.

Annnnnnyways.... I went to Queensland this past week. My friend Sarah is from the Gold Coast and was going home, so she invited me to go with her so I could see more of Australia. I spent the night at her house on Sunday night after church and we set off on our 10(ish) hour drive at 6:00 on Monday morning. On the way, we stopped to see the first of the many "big things" that I would see on our trip... The Big Banana. There is even a sign on the highway pointing to the exit you need to take to get there. The Big Banana is at one of the many banana farms (plantations?) on the Banana Coast. During the course of the week, I also saw The Big Knight (macadamia something or other), The Big Mower (i have no idea), The Big Bee Hive (honey superstore type place), The Big Avacado (farmer's markets... i think), The Big Strawberry (strawberry farm), and The Big Pineapple (pineapple farm). And there are highway signs for all of these things. Hilarious. Ok, so a little farther down the coast from The Big Banana was stopped to see Sapphire Beach. This was my first encounter with the amazing beaches in Australia. (I mean, I went to Manly the other night for dinner... but it was dark.) Sapphire Beach was pretty but I would soon find out that it didn't hold a CANDLE to some of the other beaches I would see later in the week.

By the time we got to Sarah's mom's house on the Gold Coast we were both exhausted, so that's about it for Queensland Day 1. I won't post the whole week in one post because it would be tooooo long. Stay tuned...


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