12 Drummers Drumming

When I was younger, I was in the children's choir at church. One Christmas one of the songs we were practicing was "Angels We Have Heard on High." Well, the part that says "in excelcis deo" was too hard for us to pronounce, so we sang "eat egg shells each day-o." Yep. And now, every time I sing that song, those are the words I am tempted to (and sometimes actually do) sing. Christmas and New Years have both come and gone... but only just. Since today is technically the 12th day of Christmas it is OK that the Peacock Christmas tree is still up and lit. It is OK that I am just now posting about the holidays. Christmas this year was great! Partly because I can actually remember it. Also because it was just good time with my family.

 My cousin Amy was here for a full week from Savannah and that was so much fun. We've decided to make her last name hyphenated so it's Murphy-Peacock. Christmas Eve my mom's side of the fam had dinner at her oldest sister's house and we had a great time! Sweet Talley danced all night and we all just sat around and watched. Christmas day we spent ALL day at Mama and Papa's house. We had 26 people so there was no lack of entertainment. The rest of the week was really relaxed... lazy, even. Then we have New Years... oh NYE. Wow. That was an experience. I went to Charlotte and rang in TWENTY TEN with the usual suspects (Asselins, Cribbs, Bickerstaff) plus a few others. It was great to get to hang out with Lauren a little before the festivities began. After an interesting night and absolutely no sleep, I have to admit that once the sun came up on January 1, I was ready to come home. School has started back and my kids are saying even more hilarious things than ever! (Stay tuned.) The weather man is promising snow on Thursday night and I, for one, am hopeful... and who doesn't love a good snow day?? Even if it does mean we have to make it up later in the year.

Talley danced everytime there was music! Dad often joined in.

When Aunt Beverly and Kathryn got to town, we headed out to the Wiggins for some Holiday s'mores. After spending many Thanksgivings together, it would only be appropriate to have some sort of Christmas celebration at their house as well. We were glad Amy, Kathryn, and Aunt Bev were there to take part.

While Amy was here, we discovered that she had never been to Chapel Hill. We quickly jumped in the car, drove to Chapel Hill, had lunch at Sutton's (and found SO many people we knew in the pictures on the walls), and gave Amy a whirlwind tour of Campus. Not without stops at Johnny T-shirt (and many other Franklin street staples), the Pit, the student store, the Dean Dome, etc.

We also discovered that Amy had never seen Acid Park...

New Years Eve! Phil was there!! We rang in 2007 together at a Summer Staff reunion and decided 3 years later was enough of a break to come together again to ring in another new year. It was a fun coincidence!

Did I mention that Josh was supposed to be at work on NYE. Needless to say, when he showed up at 11:45, we were all surprised and excited... especially Lauren. I guess she's allowed to be extra enthused though since they're getting married and all.

So that was my 2 week holiday season in a nutshell. I was no where ready to go back to school on Monday. I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. Here's hoping for that snow...


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