Things Kids Say: I

Sometimes my kids are hilarious. Sometimes they are just incredibly random. They'll say things to me that are totally unrelated to anything we've been talking about, and then there will be (what seems like) no point to the story - just one statement, that's it. This is only volume 1 since the hilarity will most likely keep going long after I post this.

Thoughts on pop culture:

Moonlight was one of the compound words they had to read...
"I think that's a movie! Except it's called New Moon."
"Oh I know New Moon! It's that movie where those boys turn into wolf-es. I didn't see New Moon though. I saw Avatar. That movie was so long it almost went me to sleep! It was good though, and we had to wear those glasses! But I took mine off to see if I could still see them blue people and it was FUNNY looking!"

On the movie "Up"...
"That house blowed up cause of all those balloons and that dog could TALK!"

After reading "The Cat in the Hat"...
Kid: "You know the Cat in the Hat and them two boys with knotty hair killed him."
Me: "What?? You mean Thing 1 and Thing 2? What are you talking about?"
Kid: "Yeah! The Cat in the Hat and them two boys with knotty blue hair killed Michael Jackson!"

Thoughts on my hair:

First week of school, wore my hair down for the first time...
Kid stops dead in his tracks coming in the door in the morning and bursts out laughing. "Miss Peacock! Is that a WIG!?"

Wore my hair curly for the first time...
Kid walks in the door, looks at me: "Oh Miss Peacock, you took a bath?!"
Me: "Well, yeah... I mean, I take a shower every morning. Why?"
Kid: "Your hair is different."

During free time:
"Miss Peacock, I'm gonna draw a picture of me and you dying our hair."

Other random statements:

This came completely out of the blue one day
"One time I went on a Sunday School vacation and I got one of those things with a sharp tail and it was pointy."

Things you might see on a trip around the world...
A rainbow
A horse
A duck
The President
A boat

When you ask a 6-year-old to spell "banjo" you might get:
Band Joe


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