So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen...

The most frequently asked question when people find out I've been living with the Asselins: Isn't it weird, you know, living with a married couple?? My response: Nope. I thought if anything, I would wear out my welcome or begin to irritate them at some point, but I am pretty sure we've managed to avoid that. Really, living with Josh and Bekah hasn't been weird or awkward at all. It's actually felt pretty normal. Josh said this morning that it was like me hanging out with them like always, just more often. Well said. We became like a little family (me being the daughter) which, at times, was quite hilarious. I mean, it is kind of nice to have friends that you are this comfortable with. Also, I am pretty sure that their guest room will be labled "Mary Clyde's room" forever... or at least until they have a real kid.
This being my last day as an actual resident of Wilmington, you would think I would be writing some big, long, sappy farewell... but I'm not going to. I already had Cryfest 2009 on the couch last night, so no more sadness. Instead here are some favorite memories from the last 6 years (in no particular order):

- The night Bekah O'Connor and I went to the benefit for the Amani Children's Foundation
- Thursday nights with Andrea and Shane
- the Trolls and going "Out on PaTROLL"
- "The Family"
- The single boy party at 211
- Sleepovers on Bagley Ave. with Briley
- 19b W. Greensboro Street (and everything that ever happened there)
- Javi giving salsa lessons in the kitchen of 19b
- my very first club as a Young Life leader
- the night we got placed as YL leaders
- watching TV in Caroline's bed eating stovetop popcorn
- all of the dinner parties at Cape Cottages
- dance parties in the kitchen at 211
- the summer we ate at EL Cerro 12 days in a row (and almost every other day as well)
- the day Shane came back to visit and we hung out literally all day
- eating at K38 multiple nights a week with Bickerstaff
- Renee hosting movie nights in MY dorm room freshman year
- and of course... everything done with The Usual Suspects, who will still be my best friends 25 years from now. I'm sure of it.

I'll be back.
- The Terminator


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