Tales From the Trenches

We have a volunteer from GE that comes to our class twice a week and does Junior Achievement with my kids. A lot of the activities involve stickers. A couple of weeks ago one girl in my class had a sticker left over and she asked me if she could put it on her. I thought she meant on her shirt, so of course I told her she could. A few minutes later I look over and she has a sticker, the size of my hand, stuck over her RIGHT EYE! WHAT?!?! Then... on Thursday they were doing another activity where they had to put the stickers on a map to show where different things were. Kimberly (our volunteer), told them they could stick the stickers anywhere they wanted. I guess she should have specified that they could put them anywhere on the MAP because this same little girl stuck them ALL OVER her FACE. Oh my goodness.

We only have 12 school days and I could say that I honestly don't know if I'll make it because my kids have absolutely LOST IT, but I know I will. I mean, I've made it through 168 already.


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