My Brain Doesn't Work Anymore

I tend to think in bullets lately. I think my brain is so fried that I just can't think of much to say about any one thing. Here are some random thoughts:
I had my 4th and final observation of my 1st year of teaching this past week! My assistant principal came on Monday for an unannanounced observation and my principal came Thursday for an announced observation. We all know how the last observation went, and while I don't think they went badly, I won't say that they went well until I have my post-conference.
Starting in May I am working 7 days a week, every week. Between teaching and the Sports Center, I am probably going to be working like 50 hours a week. Maybe that isn't a whole, whole lot, and maybe I am just being whiny and bratty, but that sure can wear a girl out. Summer, PLEASE HURRY!!!
The Yankees are doing TERRIBLY. This does not make me happy.
The IOWA test starts tomorrow at school. I am not really sure what this is, but I have to give it to my kids. I think it is sort of like the EOG, but for K-2. We'll see. I'm nervous because my kids FLIP OUT in any sort of testing situation. They just don't understand that you can't yell out during the test, or start crying because you don't know ONE answer, even though you really know it, you are just so worked up you can't think of it. Ugh.
Celebrated Margarita's birthday and had a great time... even though my stay lasted less than 24 hours.
Finally get to hang out with Cribbs next weekend.
And to close, as I sit here watching ESPN, I have just realized that the reason my kids have all of a sudden become obsessed with "eating fancy" with their pinky sticking up is probably because of a Dairy Queen commercial I just saw. Great.


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