We Have Turned A Corner

OH. EM. GEE. Did this day really just happen? Did I really just make it through an entire day without having one thought of wanting to quit? YES! I thought I would never this day would come. In fact, my kids were actually pretty enjoyable today. HALLELUJAH! The little girls always want to talk about my fingernail polish (week 1 it was light pink, almost white. week 2 it was dark purple, almost black. this week is whitish and sparkly, the name of the color is "Jackie Oh My") So anyway... the girls always ask me about it, and I think one even tried coloring her fingernails black "like yours Ms. Peacock". Today one came over to me and said "Look at my nails! I got them painted! Lemme see yours!" She showed me her bubblegum-pink nails and I showed her mine... I think she approved. So yeah, today was a good day and in honor of Lindsey Bohon, I hope tomorrow continues to "GO! A GOOD DAY!"
On another note, I have the greatest family ever. People tell me all the time how lucky I am and how awesome and uncommonly close my family is, but I think it is just what I am used to so I take it for-granted. Well let me just say, in my family it is like having multiple siblings instead of cousins (so that would be 7 siblings on my mom's side and 6 on my dad's side). Also, since both my parents have 2 sisters, I ended up with 5 mothers. I really wouldn't have it any other way though. The other day I bought Mallory (little sis #2) some groceries here in Wilmington and Mom was telling me how much she appreciated that. All I could say was, "Well EGie (pronounced Eee-gee) did it/does it for me, so why wouldn't I do it for Mal?" I mean, EGie (cousin) really is more like an older sister/best friend anyways, so if Mallory is going to live here I am going to do my best to take as good care of her as EGie does of me.

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