Turning Over A New Leaf

I'm making a change. I will not be little miss cynical any more when it comes to school. I am going to do my best to see the positive. Really, this is probably something that I should apply to my life in general. My one word for the year (see http://www.myoneword.org/) is Quiet. I would say that some really good changes have happened in my life, but I still have a long way to go before I get where I was aiming. I mean, I have definitely gotten a lot better about biting my tongue (still working on that too though), but when it comes to just being quiet and spending time listening to the Lord... still a work in progress; however, progress is the key word and some has definitely been made. With only 4 months left until it is time to pick a new word, I am starting a whole new part of the whole quiet thing: no more complaining. The next time I want to complain about something, I just have to remind myself to be quiet and find the good in whatever is going on.

That said, in order to make this finding the postitives thing a habit I think I have to physically list the positives from everyday, starting with today.

  1. Getting to see this one little boy at school, who I absolutely am in love with, everyday and the way that he will walk away from whatever he is doing / whoever he is yelling at and come sit with me and talk about his day until it is time to walk over to the Boys & Girls Club
  2. Taking a walk with Bekah Asselin this afternoon and then eating dinner for $3
  3. Riding in the Jeep with no doors
  4. The fact that all of my kids followed directions today when I told them to only color the picture on their calendar and not any of the days
  5. Going over to the surf shack for an hour and a half just to chat, even though Briley was exhausted and could have said "Sorry dude. We'll talk tomorrow."

Ok so those are mostly not from school, but if I focus on the positive they will outweigh the negative and maybe I won't wake up dreading the day ahead anymore.

Speak to me, in the light of the dawn
Mercy comes with the morning
Brooke Fraser

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