Off to the races!

I am an "aspiring runner." At least, that is what my twitter bio says. Someone recently asked me what that meant, and all I could come up with was: I would like to be a runner, but I'm not... but sometimes I try. That being said, I think it goes without saying that although I went to Wilmington for the Beach to Battleship Iron Man last weekend, and the Battleship Half Marathon this weekend, that does not mean that I was a participant. My friends were though.

Last weekend, I went down to Wilmington for the day because Josh was racing in the Beach to Battleship. He did the half, which is still a WHOLE LOT.
Bekah was an awesome cheerleader/photographer/race-lingo translator!
Josh, a couple miles into the run portion, doesn't even look tired! (He might HAVE been, but you couldn't tell!)

I always have a hard time managing my time in Wilmington because I want to do everything and see everyone every time I go! Sometimes, I manage to accomplish this task. MOST times, I don't. This past weekend, I wanted to go down to surprise Bekah because she was running the Battleship Half Marathon. My friend Lindsay was also running, along with my friend Michael and his roommate Dallas. I decided this would be an "on the sneak" trip. That means I tell basically no one that I'm coming, and I just see who I see. I texted Josh and told him I was coming, but not to tell Bekah. I told Lindsay that I'd find her at the finish line, and I told Michael I'd find him too. As I was walking up, I heard people calling my name and saw Andrea, Mo, and Jami!! It was so fun to hang out with them and cheer people on at the finish line.
MICHAEL was the first of my friends to finish!
(Followed closely by Dallas.)

Bekah (yellow shirt - on the left), much like her husband, didn't even look tired when she crossed the finish line.

LINDSAY!!! I think Noah, Mills, Hallie, and I started screaming for her when she was still a quarter mile (ok maybe not that far) away. The best part of that moment was when all 3 Hancock kids jumped into the race, grabbed their mom, and ran across the finish line with her!

Post-race breakfast with the Asselins at The Basics in downtown Wilmington.

I haven't gotten to really spend quality time with the Asselins much lately, so it was good to just sit and have breakfast and talk. They're my faves. After breakfast, just as I was about to leave town, Michael called to tell me to come have lunch with him and Dallas. Even though I'd just left breakfast with Josh and Bekah, I went and sat/hung out with the boys. We laughed, drank coffee, and rode around the beach with the top off Michael's jeep. I'd say it was a good day.


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