You fo' real right now?!?!

Oh Lord. 3 months? THREE MONTHS?!
Sorry bout that.
For real though, life's been busy.
I moved into this sweet house (sweet as in AWESOME) in downtown Goldsboro with 2 really fun girls, I started teaching 4th grade (can a girl get ANY consistency in her job??), and I'm still leading Young Life and LOVING my girls!

This summer, one of my Australian roommates, Renee, came to visit for 2 weeks. We had such a good time! We toured Goldsboro, spent a few days in Wilmington, hung out some more in Goldsboro with my fam (who quickly adopted her as one of their own), then went to NYC for a week with my OTHER friend named Renee! That one's from Wilmington. Geez we had fun.

We went to church on Sunday at Hillsong NYC. It was incredible and felt a little like being "home" at church in Sydney. Minus the being in Sydney part.

I heart Washington Square Park. So much.

Cooling off in the water on the High Line.

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Staten Island Ferry - the BEST way to see Lady Liberty... and it's FREE.

Breakfast in Central Park!

Our rainy afternoon adventure.

Strolling through Brooklyn - Cadman Park Plaza.

Dinner at Carmines on the Upper West Side.

We met up with my friend Mariana on the Lower East Side to see one of Renee (from Australia) and my favorite bands from Sydney, Boy & Bear, at the Mercury Lounge. We had such a good time that night!

The last night we were there, Mom flew up and went with us to see the Yankees play the LA Angels. I always love getting to see the Yankees play, and it was fun to get to take Renee and Renee (ha!) to a game in Yankee Stadium! We had a great time getting to be with mom at the game and walking around the city that night. Our week in NYC flew by and I can't WAIT to go back!


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