YIKES! I am a slacker! (How many posts in the last year have I started along these lines?? Too many. Sorry Jan Archer! haha!)
Ok, the last post was my birthday... well, actually the day after in the Blue Mountains. That night (Friday) our friend Sarah, the one I went to Queensland with, had a dinner party. From what I hear, Sarah has a big dinner party each season and goes all out. She is a great cook, and it's just a good excuse to get all the girls together. She had one long table set up in the "lounge room" (haha that's what Australian's call the living room/den) and just put all the food dishes in the middle... it was awesome. We passed things back and forth, reached over each other, and laughed a lot!

The next day (well, night) I went with Renee and Ang to the Parramatta Eels footy game. Footy is what they call Rugby. The Eels are in the NRL - the National Rugby League, not to be confused with the ARU - the Australian Rugby Union, not to be confused with the AFL - Australian Football League (Aussie rules football). Confused yet? Everyone over there seems to have absolutely no problem whatsoever keeping it all straight. Me? Not so much. I do know the Eels are in the NRL and the Wallabies are ARU, but that's about as far as it goes. Either way, we went to the game. Let me also say that Parra won the Grand Final last year, which is the championship, but this year must have been an off year. They were not that good at all to be quite honest. The Sydney Roosters killed us! It was really fun to see Jarryd Hayne in action though. He is the star player for Parra, but also goes to Hillsong and always seemed to be sitting in our vicinity at church.
Even though we lost, Renee, Ang, and I still had fun at the game, and it was fun to see all the Parra fans decked out in their blue and yellow getting so excited any time something good happened. Maybe the Eels will have better luck next year.


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