Awake My Soul

And now... the thing I had been waiting, hoping, and crossing my fingers for since May. If I am really honest with myself I had been waiting for this moment since I discovered the goodness all the way back in October 2009! When I bought my plane ticket home, there was this little (ok it sold out in five minutes) concert on August 4 that I HAD to go to. I'm not even kidding.

Every concert within 6 hours of me when they toured the States was SOLD OUT when I tried to buy tickets. I was pretty sad. Then, I decided to check and see when they would be playing in Sydney, but I quickly found out that both nights they were playing were sold out as well, and this was May. Bummed would be a massive understatement. Now, flashback to June 30th. My brand-new-just-met-her-2-days-ago housemate Renee and I are walking around Castle Towers (the mall) and we are talking about bands we like. I tell her that there is this band that I found out about back in October and I am OBSESSED with them. No one in the States knew who they were until like February, then all of a sudden people started being like "Omigosh have you heard of this band?" and I was like, "Duh." Then this spring when they toured the states, all their concerts even remotely near me sold out, so I didn't get to go. I tell her I looked to see when they were playing in Sydney, and it is coming up soon, but it was already sold out way back in May when I checked. She says, "Oh really? Who is it?" "Mumford & Sons." "No way! I have an extra ticket! I am going! You want to go with me?!" OH MY GOSH I cannot believe my ears! This girl that I have known for about 2.5 days has an extra ticket to go see MUMFORD & SONS?! And she wants to know if I want to go!! ABSOFREAKINLUTELY!!!!! Needless to say, when purchasing a return-trip plane ticket, this concert was taken heavily into consideration. When I say considered, what I really mean is that I wasn't going home until after that concert... no matter what. So that is just what I did, I booked my ticket allowing for plenty of time to see Mumford and go to church one last time.
I can't believe I'm almost done telling the story of my Australian adventure! I also can't believe it has taken me this long! I'll get it all wrapped up in my next post, and then for anyone that cares (that doesn't already know) I'll tell you why I came home.

Love it will not betray you, dismay or enslave you,
it will set you free
be more like the man you were made to be.
There is a design, an alignment, a cry of my heart to see
the beauty of love as it was made to be.
- Mumford & Sons


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