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Ok here's an update:
1 - After MANY unsuccessful attempts at obtaining a passport, I was finally successful and it came in the mail a few days ago!! (THAT is a story in and of itself folks.)
2 - I am finishing out the school year here in Goldsboro, which means I won't be leaving for the land of oz until June. This is for many reasons - 1 of them being the need to save more money. Another being that last year when I decided to leave in January, I would have been perfectly happy leaving the job that I had half way through the school year. I guess I just assumed that every teaching job would be as bad as last year, so I wouldn't mind leaving 1/2 way through. This year, it hasn't been a walk in the park, but it hasn't given me reason to leave after Christmas. So here I sit. Quite satisfied with that decision, as a matter of fact. Plus, I think I finally figured out that trying to do things on your own schedule never works out anyways because God has his own timing.

3 - One day I was on Facebook and, thanks to the stalker news feed, I saw that my friend Jess had just moved to Sydney. Jess and I were on the ropes team at Frontier Ranch (a Young Life camp in CO) in 2005! We hadn't talked in a while but I e-mailed her and told her I was heading that direction sometime in the near future (aka June). She's only staying through December, but has been so great about letting me pick her brain about everything I could think to ask about making the big move down under. I still have so many questions for her, but she's given me great advice already!
4 - It's 12:36 and tomorrow is only Thursday, which means I should have been sleeping 2 hours ago.

Since I was in high school, the Peacocks have done Thanksgiving with our good friends the Wiggins. We go to Blowing Rock, NC for the long weekend and come home with a Christmas tree... straight from the farm. Well, this year we didn't go to BR but we decided to do Thanksgiving together anyway here in Goldsboro. After lunch, we all went out for a "post-lunch cruise around the lake." Ha! I'd say that's a pretty fair trade from the straight-from-a-Hallmark-movie weekend we normally would have had.
This is me, Leslie, and Malissa on the boat.

Mallory, Hadley, MC - Thanksgiving 2009

The next weekend, Mallory, Hadley, Had's roommate Stuart, and I went down to Savannah, GA for the Savannah River Bridge Run.

Mallory ran...

Hadley and our cousin Amy ran...

Stu and I cheered (and froze) (and got rained on) from the sidelines.


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