The Story of Yesterday

My story starts at 7:21 a.m. when I am woken up by a VERY LOUD screaming sound coming from all over my house. My first thought: this is a fire drill, I have to grap my yellow packet and get my kids lined up and out the door. Oh wait, I'm not at school. Second thought: gotta hit the button that will make it stop. I proceed to grab Andrea's desk chair so that I can stand in it to reach the smoke detector in the hall. (Keep in mind I am literally stumbling around while I do this because the noise it so loud and I was dead asleep 45 seconds ago.) I pull her chair into the hall and climb up in it. About a second later I was flat on my back with the chair laying beside me. I definitely hit the dryer on the way down because our laundry room doors were open, and I have a nasty bruise on my shin today. I am guessing this is the reason my whole body is sore today. Why did I fall, you ask? I forgot Andrea's desk chair is the kind that rolls AND swivels. So I pick myself up, put the chair back and go downstairs to get a bar stool to stand on. I carry it up to my room and start mashing the buttons on the smoke detector desperately trying to make all the noise stop. Nothing happens except lots of water dripping on me. (It was raining outside.) I call my dad, panicking. I proceed to tell him that all the smoke detectors are going off but I don't smell any burning and there is no smoke. WHAT DO I DO?!?! He doesn't know. I decide to call Tim. Tim is a firefighter, he HAS to know what to do. By this time, it is 7:25 and I woke poor Tim up. I tell him what is happening (as if he can't hear the alarms going off) and he says he'll be over in a few minutes. What a hero. Tim arrives and an hour, and 3 trips up to the attic, later the screaming alarms FINALLY stop. The problem was apparently my smoke detector because when we pulled it off the ceiling all the others stopped, but mine didn't stop until we pulled the battery out. Around 9:30 Brandon, on of the guys that owns my house, shows up. Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot Brandon can do. Shortly after, Joe shows up. He is another one of guys that owns the house. Joe and Brandon decide that maybe the faulty detector needs a new battery, they try that, no luck. An hour later, they leave saying they'll be back later with their friend who works with disaster repair or something. 12:30 - Joe and Brandon show up with disaster repair boy. Joe and friend climb up into the attic and decide that, despite what they were told last summer, there is a leak in the roof. That is what has caused the drip around the air intake vent right outside my bedroom door and that is what cause the water in the smoke detector in my room. The water ruined the smoke detector in my room, meaning it needs to be replaced. The boys tell us that they will be back later. Long story short, they fix the leak (I guess), replace the faulty detector, and everything is fine.
Until this morning, when our AC is out. I guess we will see them today as well. SORRY BOYS!!!


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