Me, Right Now.

Hadley and Miranda got mad at me today at lunch for not updating for 10 days. So here goes.
In the last 10 days... Our school got almost broken into (we came to school, the front door was shattered, the guy who we think was trying to break in was around in the back asking the cafeteria ladies to call him ambulance, everything was fine in the end), we reached the half-way mark of the school year, Shane moved to Texas (incredibly sad about that one), we had "Family Thanksgiving" in Wilmington (after a lively round of "Praise Shee The Lord!" fun was had by all), Lauren Cribbs moved back to Charlotte (super bummed about that one too), and we are FINALLY done talking about the Pilgrims and the Indians and the First Thanksgiving at school.
It has been good to be home and have a break. Today we watched the Macy's parade (I can't start the Christmas season, or Thanksgiving Day for that matter, without it). Then we headed over to Mama and Papa's house for lunch with the fam. Tomorrow Ben and the Johnson crew are coming over to continue the family bonding and then Saturday it's back to Wilmington for work at Landfall. I promise next time I'll write something more entertaining.

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