I've got an escape plan.

In a mere 3 days I will be in one of the most wonderful places on earth... the NC mountains. More specifically, Windy Gap. It seems like SO long since I was there last and I can't wait to get back and see all the fun people who live there!! Another plus: Tracie and Matt are GETTING MARRIED on Friday afternoon! Crazy. I am taking Friday off of work and conveniently, we have the next Tuesday off for Veterans Day, so I took Monday off too so that I can stay an extra night in Asheville. Five days with no school... I won't know what to do with myself! Actually, I am a little excited for school tomorrow. Angelena and I got our room organized and rearranged during the last 2 days (thank goodness for teacher workdays!) and I am feeling optimistic that my kids are going to come back from their little break a completely different group. I am thinking that a new nine weeks = fresh start, hopefully.

It's time to roll the windows down, feel the cold air all around.
We are getting out of town, not a thing can stop us now.

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