The Hot 29 Year Old, etc.

This week there wasn't really a "Top 5" songs. It was more like a weekly "my iPod's on shuffle or I'm listening to the radio". Nevertheless, there are a handful of songs that I either keep coming back to while doing said iPod shuffling, or they just keep getting stuck in my head. Not complaining.

1) Brand New - Ben Rector: I dare you to not like this song. That is all.

2) New Romantics - Taylor Swift: Honestly, I don't know what's made this song be stuck in my head all week (specifically the "ahhahhhahhh-ah-ah-AHH!" part), but I don't hate it. Homegirl can straight write a hook. And every day is like a battle, but every night with us is like a dream. I feel you, Tay.

3) Missing You - Tyler Hilton: Yes, I know this isn't the original version. This version has sentimental value though - I'm looking at you Bekah Asselin. I don't remember what got us hooked on this song, but I'll never hear it and NOT think of driving around Wilmington singing it at the top of our lungs! Ahhhh.... memories. Sidenote: can someone get me a DeLorean STAT so I can go back and visit the glory days in Wilmington? Geez we had fun.

4) Mexican Mavis - Boy & Bear: I can't remember if I'd already fallen in love with Boy & Bear before I went to Sydney, or if it happened once I got there. Whenever it happened, I'm glad it did. This song (and their whole "With Emperor Antarctica" EP, really) is definitely a part of my "this song makes me think of Australia" playlist.

5) The Adventure - Angels and Airwaves: Speaking of good times in Wilmington... this is basically the theme song of the summer after my Senior year at UNCW. I had a burned CD with this song on it, and I don't think I ever made it to the other songs. I wore it and the Hillsong United: United We Stand album out that summer. I was taking 1st session summer school classes that summer because I needed more elective credits or something, and there was this really really cute guy that sat in front of me in Geography 101. I knew 3 things about him: his name was Brian, he was a Yankees fan, and he was 29. Naturally, he was referred to as "the hot 29 year old" all summer - dang that seemed so much older when I was 21. Anyway, I was crushing so hard and basically turned into a blubbering idiot anytime he tried to make small talk about the Yankees game the night before, or held the door for me on the way out of class. On the last day of class, I had finished my exam and had to drop something off across campus, which meant I left a different way than usual that day. I had this 5-speed VW Jetta and I thought I was suuuuuuch a bad-A because I could drive a stick. Well, I get to this intersection in the middle of campus and get ready to turn left when I SEE HIM! The hot-29-year-old is crossing the street on the other side of the intersection! I would probably never see him again in my life, so I decided to make a lasting impression - just not the one I'd hoped. I turned this song up as loud as it would go (because that was cool. Shut up.) and all of a sudden I CAN'T FIND THE GEAR! Oh my gosh. Talk about grind it 'till you find it. I basically rolled through the intersection at whatever speed first gear gets you up to, revving my engine and trying my very hardest to get my car in gear so that I can speed away because turning into a puddle like Alex Mack is not an option right now. Oh my Lord.
The rest of the story is that later that night, my friend Andrea and I were having dinner with a bunch of friends, including our friend Brandon (also 29). I'm telling this story and he says, "Wait. His name is Brian? Brian insert last name here?"
Me: "Ummmm.... I think?"
Brandon: "Tall. Dark hair. Looks like a typical surfer?"
Me: "Yeah."
Brandon: "HAHAHA he's a good friend of mine! I cannot WAIT to tell him this." (Apparently all 29 year-olds in Wilmington are friends with each other.)
Me: Someone shoot me now, please. But also, give him my number!
And again I say, Oh. My. Lord.


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