My FIRST Bachelor Recap

The other night I was giving my roommate's friends (who don't watch The Bachelor) a play-by-play of the episode from the previous night. One of them cut me off and said, "Oh my gosh, Mary Clyde! You should do video recaps or something!" They all agreed, so I took Lizzie McGuire's advice and thought, "Why not take a crazy chance?!"
It might be funny, but it really might not be. I'll tell you something I know for sure: I have NO video-making skills, I'm not NEARLY as technologically savvy as I thought I was, and it took me the better part of 4 hours to figure out how to trim THIRTY MINUTES of rambling down to 15 minutes, and then get it posted. Spoiler alert, I had to basically clear everything off my iPad. So here is my video recap of Ben's 3rd episode. Hopefully you like it! Let me know if you do because I'd hate to do another one when it's actually super annoying.

I should probably mention that I do NOT read any spoilers for any season of the show, and I don't really want you to try to be a smarty pants and tell me anyway because you think you're being funny. Please don't.


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