Denial is MORE than just a river in Egypt.

I'm in denial.
I'm currently experiencing the last 5 minutes of my mid-twenties. Yes. I count 27 as mid-twenties. And you would too if you were about to EXIT them!
Ugh, 4 minutes left.
Y'all. I cannot get older.
3 minutes left.
I'm freaking out. I feel like my life is slipping through my fingertips! I'm having a "like sands through the hourglass...." moment, and yes, I hear it in the deep voice from the beginning of Days Of Our Lives.
2 minutes.
1 minute.
OH MY GOSH that minute went a lot quicker than the last one! 60. seconds. left.

I feel like I just watched the ball drop on New Year's Eve. You know, where you watch and there's all this anticipation for a new year, and you went to some big party and drank champagne and blew noise makers and wore silly hats all night just WAITING for midnight. Then midnight hits and you realize nothing changed. The power didn't go out (unless you were at the McMillan's in Goldsboro when Y2k hit), you don't feel any different, and (bummer) the party's over.
I'm 4 minutes into 28 and so far it's nothing different than 10 minutes ago when I was still 27. There is one thing though: I realize I've only got 2 years left of being in my twenties. I know, I know, "You're still young!" "You're just getting started in life!" "blah blah blah." I know all of that. And I know I'm being ridiculous. BUT I do think there is a stigma about getting old (thanks to pop-culture) just like there is about being "ugly" or "fat". I also think some of it is the Christian bubble that I (willingly and thankfully) live in. In the Christian bubble, all the girls are married by 24 and working on babies by 26 - for the most part. Outside of the Christian bubble I am at a perfectly "normal" place in my life for my age. I guess the question is "what is normal?" and the answer is (as far as I'm concerned) "there is no standard for normal." So THAT brings up the question of "how old is old?" I think the answer there is, "you're only as old as you act!" You thought I was gonna say "feel", didn't you? Nope. There are days that I feeeeeeel old, but it's only because I ran the day before and now I'm sore, or because one of my Young Life girls has no idea what I'm talking about when I make a Saved By The Bell reference, or when one of my students was born AFTER I'd already been in college for a year. So I don't think that someone is only as old as they feel because from my experience, how you feel is an ever-changing variable. I guess I'm playing counselor to myself and working out my own issues right now because in that perspective, I'm not old at ALL. I'm still a little freaked out at being 2 years from 30 (12 years from FORTY - AHHHH!!!), but I also know that I have (hopefully) a lot of life ahead of me.
This is the part where I would normally do a re-cap of being 27, but nothing monumental happened during 27. If you think of anything, please leave a comment and remind me.
Also boring? There are no fun facts about the number 28. There are lots of math facts, but since when have I thought math was fun?
So there you are, 28 minutes of being 28. If you're only as old as you act, I'll never be old!

Did I just go through all 5 stages of grief in one post?!


  1. You just exactly described our sister in the "Christian bubble" hahaha married by 24 & working on kids by 26


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