Top 12 of 2012 (the final chapter)

Old friends are new again.
I had some pretty great girlfriends in high school. That being said, I have NOT been the greatest at keeping in touch over the past 10 years. We would facebook occasionally, and see each other randomly during holidays, but that was about it. Until THIS YEAR! There is a group of 5 of us that grew up in middle and high school together that now have a pretty regular group-text going and I am LOVING it! Some of them I have kept in better touch with than others, but I am so glad to have these girls back in my life! I am so glad that even after 10 years, I can still count them as some of close friends!!

Paddle Boarding
In May, I was at Topsail Beach with Egie and Miranda and had the opportunity to learn how to paddle board! It was so much fun, and really is as easy as it looks!! (I've blogged about this one already.)

Tar Heel Football
I have a confession to make. I might like UNC football more than UNC basketball. I KNOW! Don't hate me. I still LOVE Tar Heel basketball SO MUCH, but I am just not an all-around basketball fan. I am, however, a BIG fan of college football.
I get the chance to go to a football game in Chapel Hill maybe once a year. We have never been season ticket holders, but we do have generous friends who are willing to share! This year was a little different though. I always half jokingly say, "If you ever have an extra ticket, or can't go, call me! I'll go!" I mean, if you don't put it out there, it will never happen. Right? Well, this year people actually took me up on that!! I got to go to several games, and they won each of them!! Maybe I'm a good luck charm and should be given a sideline pass?? Either way, this fall I had more college football fun than I've had since actually being in college!

This is at the whiteout game, and I laugh every time I see it because this is the ONLY time you will ever see this many people wearing white after labor day in the South.

Christmas "Adam"
Here in the DTG (Downtown Goldsboro) we refer to Christmas Eve Eve as Christmas Adam. This is the night when everyone we grew up with gets together to hang out. It's the only time of year that we are all in town at the same time. Usually, we end up hanging out at "The Pub" because it is literally the only hangout spot in town. The night before Thanksgiving we were doing just that, and everyone kept saying "Ahhhh it's so crowded!" "We are too old for this!" and "This would be so much more fun if we were just at someone's house!" I said, "Ok, I can fix that." So I invited everyone who heard about it to my house on Christmas Adam for a bonfire. I think literally everyone who heard about it came, and I loved it! We had such a good time hanging out and seeing people that we only see once a year!! I think it will have to become an annual event!
The end of the night - after almost everyone had already gone home.

That's it. My top 12 moments of 2012! Thanks for sticking with me!! I am so excited to finally be over my 2-year long case of blogger's-block, and can't wait to get back in the habit of keeping you all updated on my daily adventures! Whoop whoop, here we go! Buckle up.


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