The good. The bad. The sad. The hilarious!

Instead of doing a typical 2010 "Year in Review" post, I thought I'd give you a glimpse back through the year via my twitter (typos and all). Enjoy.

9 January:
FOUND MY KEYS!!!!!!! (They've only been lost since labor day)

29 January:
“Love fails, only when we fail to love.” – J. Franklin (via iheart)

5 February:
While putting on pj's my leg somehow got tangled in my pants and I fell down. To the floor. Yep

9 February:
Hanging out with the Hancocks. Just made a photocopy of my face. Awesome

12 February:

22 February:
- Jury duty. This is a new and interesting experience
- Guy who decided he would be in charge of the remote chose an old movie on AMC. Hope the other 86 people in here are in agreement
Haha everyone's yelling at him to "find the olympics!" He pretends he doesn't hear.
Dude found CSI. Round of applause. Compromise? Guess so.
Jury Duty update. At 3:00 I fell asleep in my chair. When I woke up I thought it'd been at least 30 minutes. It was 3:07
I think my tweet quota for the entire year was reached today. 

28 February:
closing ceremonies. i'm entering a time of mourning!

6 March:
Sitting next to Reggie Jackson

13 March:
Singing at the top of my lungs... until I realized Andrea was asleep in the next room! 

26 March:
1st grader: "I had to do eenie, meenie, miney, mo this morning on my pants. I couldn't decide which ones to wear." --they wear uniforms :)

27 March:
Every time I hear the song "Shout!" It makes me want to "dance through the ages". Too many summers spent working at  :)

1 April:
"I saw a lawn mower have a wreck with a car today." @

4 April:
I'm alive because Jesus lives

27 April:
Just bought a one way ticket to australia. Freaking out is an under statement

21 May:
Laughing over the last 2 years with Bek. Mo, Jami, O'C, @: Loooooooooove you girls SO MUCH!! 

23 May:
Very last LOST with the Hancocks. This is a sad sad night.

30 May:
Just rode our bicycles in a motorcycle parade.
That group of 20 somethings singing real loud while they bike along the national mall? Oh, that was us.

4 June:

14 June:
K! THIRTY! EIGHT! For the last time. With people I love.

21 June:
- "What are the names of the months in Australia?" - @
Me: "I'm going o Australia." Guy at bank: "Oh so you're doing like a European world tour thing?" -- Geography FAIL

26 June:
LAX for the next hour.... then on the NZ then SYDNEY!! nervous/excited/homesick/tired but i'm sure more excitement is coming... right?

29 June:

4 July:
first cold 4th of July ever! (booo) cooking the "housemates" a cookout-style dinner tonight though. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

9 July:

11 July:
Grocery shopping in Austraila is EXPENSIVE yo! 

13 July:
baseball has given me so many reasons to be sad today.

15 July:
I don't hate it! Haha 

17 July:
Gellato and old books in Glebe. Coffee and thrift stores in Newtown. Manly tonight which means MEXICAN food and the BEACH - my 2 faves

18 July:
Church tonight. Gold Coast in the morning with Sarah!

20 July:
My view right now 
- Lunch on the beach. Dinner in the mountains. This country is awesome

26 July:

29 July:
Drove a CAR in Australia today! Look out pedestrians in Manly... MC's comin' through!
And, might I add, it was a stick shift! Shifting left handed was crazy but no stall outs for this girl!

31 July:
Who's got tickets to the SOLD OUT Eels game?? We do!! 

3 August:
Surfer Blood. Right now. 

4 August:
Mumford & Sons at The Enmore 

5 August:
starting to get really sad about leaving Syd

6 August:
Nabes are throwing their weekly Friday night rager. We're making our escape early this time
Friday night at the drive-in. I feel like I'm on the set of Grease! 

8 August:
Sunday Night Live at @. Last Sunday in Oz. What a way to go...

9 August:
last hoorah part 1: chillin at the argyle to the sounds of al green 

13 August:
HOME! also NEVER staying awake for 55 hours straight again. ever. in my life.

14 August:
Since my body thinks it's 4:15 in the afternoon it's completely normal that I'm wide awake and hungry at 2:15 am. Right?

12 September:
been a long time since i laughed as hard as i did last night with @ and @. definitely one of the highlights of this wknd

24 September:
on my way to the queen city for the much anticipated wedding of @ and @! this is gonna be a good one......

25 September:
Tonight I danced with my favorites, talked and laughed about Oz with Tracie, and Lauren became a BICKERSTAFF!! So good.

5 October:
homesick for Sunday night grocery shopping, and Bondi, and wandering around the city, and @, and flat whites, and and and...........

15 October:
Verse a Chilean miner clung to while trapped: "In his hand are the depths of the earth, & mountain peaks belong to him."-Psalm 95:4

18 October:
pkgs i sent myself from oz (aka clothes and shoes that wouldn't fit in suitcase) are JUST now being prepared 2 b shipped 

29 October:

1 November:
So thankful for amazing friends and family! Please keep PRAYING HARD for Papa and all of our family - for healing for papa and peace for us

3 November:
Papa made it onto twitter! That is so cool. Thanks @ and @!

14 November:
 several years ago there was a rumor that they were gonna do away with the penny. Papa started saving....

20 November:
I just dropped my sweater in Thomas Jefferson's fireplace. Literally. 

30 November:
10 DAYS TILL POLAR BEAR!!! Get excited yo 

2 December:
Sitting n my parked car bc "The Girl" is playing. Lol bc I can't count how many times I've done that with @ and Renee

4 December:
Ready ready ready ready, ready to ruuuuunnn!  @ @ @ mimi and amy 

10 December:

17 December:
Annual Peacock bonfire! If you're not here you're missing out!! 

24 December:
O holy night, the stars are brightly shining! It is the night of our dear Saviour's birth!

26 December:
@ wish you were here in this SNOW!! 

2010 was a year with a lot of major events. I went to Australia (and came home), I started teaching at a school that I love, and I lost my precious grandfather. I have so many FUN memories from this year, and some pretty sad ones, but one thing I CAN say is that the Lord has been with me through everything and that is something I know I can count on for 2011 as well. As for what else will come, I guess we'll just have to see...


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