Is anyone even still interested in this?? (part 1)

Other than Phil Lacey?
It's the last day of 2010, which means my story needs to be wrapped up... considering that I've been back for almost 5 months. I'll just pick up where I left off, and finish this saga once and for all.
After leaving Bondi, Corrine took me to the airport and did her best to talk the guy at the ticket counter into giving me a business class seat instead of economy. No such luck though.

The flight back was awful. I mean, I might have gotten a little spoiled by Air NZ on the way over. I flew back Quantas, which is supposed to be equally as nice, but the plane was older, there was turbulence the ENTIRE 9 hours to Honolulu, and the man in front of me snored LOUDLY the whole time. I was exhausted and feeling sorry for myself and was just plain miserable. When I got to Honolulu, I got my bags and rechecked them and met our friends Mark and Tanya Kelly (who just happen to be stationed at Hickam Air Force Base). They took me straight to lunch at one of their favorite places on the beach in Waikiki. After that we went to the International Market and walked around a bit, then walked down the beach back to the car. I have to say that one of the coolest things was the because of the time difference, I had Wednesday, August 11 twice. I spent my first Aug. 11 on Bondi Beach, and then technically walked on Waikiki Beach that SAME DAY! And if you REALLY want to get technical (according to the clock and calendar), I walked on Waikiki BEFORE Bondi. Crazy. After lunch, we went back to their house on base, then they took me to Pearl Harbor. Pearl Harbor was surreal. It is something that you hear about for your whole life, and learn about in school, and watch movies about... but to see it in real life was incredible. After Pearl Harbor, the Kellys took me back to the airport... armed with Tylenol PM this time. 9 more hours (I think) to Dallas, 5 hour layover, then 3 hours to Raleigh. I didn't sleep at all during my trip home and by the time I went to bed Thursday night, I had been awake for 55 hours! My sleep schedule was completely reversed for about a week, literally. I would sleep all day, then be wide awake all night. After not having much jet lag when I got TO Sydney, it was weird to be so out of whack when I got home.
I think the biggest question was WHY did I come home? Well, I am just going to copy and paste what I wrote in my e-mail to everyone when I decided that is what I was going to do...

(I'm making it a second post since this one is so long already.)


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