Things Kids Say: II

Heard around Room 105:

An Argument
Yes he his! SpongeBob is a SPONGE, not cheese! And Mr. Crab is a CRAB!

What I heard: "Little smart ass!"
What was actually said: "Click the small X!"

Miss Peacock is that Scott's tape?
No, it's my tape.
No, is that SCOTT'S tape?
No. It's mine.
No, Scoootttttt's tape.
No. It's mine. This is MY tape.
(Frustrated sigh from kid.)
Wait, huh? SCOTCH tape?
YEAH! Scott's tape!
Yes. This is scotch tape.

On the importance of having a job
Miss Peacock, did you know my mom has 2 jobs?
Well, my grandmother keeps telling my grandfather to GET a job cause all he does in the morning is run around while we get ready, and then he goes to my cousin's house to play some game with him.

On New York City
Have you ever seen one of these Miss Peacock? (points to an exotic looking bird in a book)
I have. I've seen a lot of them in a tree... in the old country. -- (He's from Brooklyn.)

Miss Peacock, how come we don't ever see no moons here in Goldsboro?
Maybe you go to bed before it comes out.
Well, I know that in New York City they got 'em. I've seen 'em.
The moon you see in New York is the same one you would see here.
I don't get it. BUT, I do know that the United States is a biiiiiiiig place and, like, on one side people can be awake, and on the other side people can be asleep. I read it in a book.


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