And We're Baaack!!

Do any of y'all remember the skit on SNL with Jimmy Fallon and Ben Affleck where they were radio DJs (Joey Mack and Dirty Dan The Garbage Man)?? If you don't, google it. The title of this post will make MUCH more sense after you watch the video.

Top 5 Friday is BACK (and so am I on this blog) y'all! Does anyone care what I've been listening to lately? Maybe? Idk, but I'm gonna tell you anyway.

1) Ride (feat. MUTEMATH) - Twenty One Pilots: Has anyone else downloaded the TOPxMM (MUTEMATH Sessions) EP that Twenty One Pilots released just before Christmas? I have to admit, at first listen I was skeptical, but then I found myself going back for more and more! The new mix of "Ride" makes me want to lay on the beach or by the pool and do nothing but chill all day.

2) Easy Things Hard - Matt Wertz: Yeah, yeah, yeah this album came out back in the spring. Whatever. It still hasn't gotten old, and I haven't done one of these lists in that many months or more. And also this is my blog, so shhhhh. I had this whole album on heavy rotation in the Southwind dining hall this summer. The girls looooooved it, but they would request it by asking for "that one album... you know, the guy that you said it's his new album and it's really good". #SMH One of the summer staff boys walked through the dining hall one day while this album was playing and said, "Y'all always have good music going in here!" One of the girls responded with, "Yeah we've been listening to this new guy, Matt Wertz, a lot. He's actually really good! This is him now." New guy. New guy?! Oh my Lord. I've been listening to him since I was 19, so that doesn't make me feel old or anything. That's neither here nor there, what matters is that this whole album is crazy good, and Easy Things Hard is one of my favorite songs on it.

3) Therapy - Brooke Fraser: Y'all, Brooke Fraser can do no wrong in my book. She just keeps getting better. Just when I think I've found my favorite song of hers, a new one comes out that I love even more! If this is any indication of what her next album will sound like, I am all in. Honestly, this song goes kind of perfectly with Matt Wertz's entire Gun Shy album.

4) Mercy - Shawn Mendes: Best song right now to turn the volume up and SING with all you've got in the shower. Or the car. Or in the kitchen while you cook dinner.

5) HandClap - Fitz and The Tantrums: I first heard this song when they performed it one Dancing With the Stars and was immediately hooked. I dare you to listen to this and sit still. Triple dog dare you. #mycardancingisexcellent


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