Hella Obsessed

Happy Friday y'all! We've thawed out here in Nashville (after 8 inches of snow!) and are gearing up for temperatures in the 60's (?!?!) here this weekend!! Seriously. #WinterInTheSouth
This week's top 5 songs are sticking with the fun, dancy, belt-it-out theme - as I'm sure all of the weeks will. Honestly, it's more like the Weekly Top 7 because I can't stop listening to "Leave A Light On" and the "Somebody New" remix. Here are 5 not-that-new, but fun nonetheless, songs for your listening pleasure:

1) My House - Flo Rida: If you haven't heard this song blowing up every radio station in America, you're listening to the wrong stuff. Just kidding. Kind of. Again, I challenge you to listening without bobbing your head.

2) Water Under The Bridge - Adele: OH. MY. GOSH. Maybe my favorite song on her new album! This girl can do no wrong musically, and this song is just more proof of that. Is it on the radio? Idk. Maybe. Either way, you should be listening.

3) Turn It Around - Lucius: Y'all. I shazammed this song from a Samsung commercial. I've never heard of Lucius, but I can't stop listening to this song! And I've been singing it all week even when I'm not in the car. With my luck it's probably the only Lucuis song I'll ever like, but I'll take it. That seems to be my M.O. I hear a song, fall in love with it, and when I look for more stuff I like from that artist I don't like any of it! My track record with this includes Silverchair, City and Colour (don't shoot me Renee Coster!), and Old Crow Medicine Show - just to name a few. Whoops.

4) ILYSB - LANY: (pronounced Lainey) And I say "Ily S B" for that matter, but who knows if that's right. Chalk that up to 4 years of intense training in speaking the language of "the crew" (my last group of YL girls in NC). I could talk for days about how much I love this band. DAYS, I tell ya. I first heard about these guys sometime back in the spring and I literally haven't been able to stop listening since then. ILYSB is every LANY fan's favorite song (that's unofficial information), but it is for a REASON! It will make you sing along, tap on your steering wheel, and wish you had a boyfriend (oh that's just me? ok.) all at the same time. The whole song is my favorite, but my most favorite line is "and you need to know that I'm hella obsessed with your face." It's like someone went in my brain and wrote what I would write - if I were writing a song, and if I had a someone to be hella obsessed with.
They also just released an EP called "Make Out" and it is seriously a bunch of make-out music. It's good. There's a stripped down version of ILYSB that is pretty fantastic and I highly recommend giving it, and all the other songs, a listen.

5) Hollow - Tori Kelly: I guess this song first came up on my radar when it came out in October, but it has become a repeat offender on my most-played list. Did y'all know she auditioned for American Idol, made it to Hollywood, and then got cut before the top 20? I didn't either until American Idol told me this season, but dang I'm glad she didn't give up after that. She's coming to The Ryman in April and I am really thinking about buying a ticket. Anyone want to come with?? That's a real question. Let's go.

In closing, if anyone wants to introduce me to Paul Klein - the lead singer of LANY - I'd be just fine with that.


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