Face to Face.... WITH A CROC!

(poor quality, but you get the point)

Bucket list: "Smile at a crocodile... and live to tell about it"
OK let me clarify. That is really just a fancy/more exciting way of saying, "See a crocodile in real life."
I got to cross this one off my bucket list while in Australia. Actually, I kind of already blogged about it. While in Australia, I took a trip to Queensland for a week with my friend Sarah. While in the Queen's land, I took got to spend a day at The Australia Zoo, aka Steve Irwin's zoo!! There were crocodiles EVERYWERE! Well, there were crocodiles everywhere in the crocodile section of the zoo. I knew they were big, but I was really surprised at how BIG they actually were!! We're talking 16 feet! Yes.

He's BIG! He's SMILING! (And thinking, "You look yummmmy!")
I survived! - thanks to the double layer of fence that separated us.

This one was actually smaller, but STILL!

And finally, my favorite part of my whole day at the zoo... THE CROC SHOW! They've got it built so that the food court looks down into the croc arena (or whatever it's called), so I got some lunch and ate while I watched. Once I finished, I had to move closer because this is what I had waited for! This is what you see on TV, people. Not on "The Crocodile Hunter," but in the news clips when Steve-O is the topic of conversation. It was so cool to see live!


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