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We talk a lot about PaPa in our family. I mean, he was a baller. Can you blame us? However, I think it's time that we took a few minutes to talk about MaMa. Honestly, I want to talk about all of the King women because there are 12 of us now, if you count Talley and Elin, which we do. I've always said that, on the King side of the family, it's been more like growing up with 7 siblings instead of just 2 because the 8 King-grandchildren were raised to be that way. If you break it down like that, I've got 5 sisters (my own 2, and 3 female King-cousins), 3 moms (my mom and both her sisters), 2 nieces (my cousin Jay and his wife Emily's daughters), and 1 pretty spectacular grandmother.
We really are that close. Instead of going on vacations with our best girlfriends, we go on vacations with each other. We are/will be each other's bridesmaids. We make a point to hang out with each other, and because of this, we've all become friends - not just cousins. I grew up thinking this was completely normal, but the older I get, the more I realize that what the 12 of us have is not the norm, and is actually pretty darn special. Before I go any further in this post, I do have to say that my cousin Jay married Emily and she really has become the 13th King woman (well technically 11th, since she came before her daughters)! I love her, and I think it's safe to say that none of us think of her as "my cousin's wife", but just "my cousin Emily." Here is the real breakdown:
Norma (matriarch)
Normie or Little Norma (oldest King sister) --> Egie, Emily (Jay's wife) --> Talley, Elin
Princie (middle King sister) --> Blythe and Miranda
Janet (youngest King sister, my mom) --> Mary Clyde (me), Hadley, Mallory
Here are some pictures, to help you understand and put faces with names.
MC, Mallory, Egie exploring the Vinoy Hotel in St. Petersburg, FL

MC, Mallory, Miranda, Hadley - Easter 2010

Amy (Peacock - cousin), MC, Mallory, Miranda, Mimi (honorary cousin), Hadley - just before the Tar Heel 10 Miler, April 2010

Egie & MC - Bridesmaid's luncheon before Blythe's wedding

Janet & MC - Blythe and Brian wedding reception

Miranda & Blythe - Blythe and Brian rehearsal dinner

Blythe - showing off her wedding bling

Mallory and her main-man, Abe - Washington, DC 2010

Blythe & Princie - my going away party, June 2010


Blythe and Miranda

Miranda & Mallory

Mama - Christmas 2010

Egie, Hadley, MC, Talley - Maybe the best picture ever??

Amy, Miranda, Hadley, Mallory, Egie, MC - at Christmas, you fight for your seat

Egie & Talley


Egie & Normie - one of my favorite pictures of them!

Hadley & Mama - We love the Tar Heels!

Hadley & Mallory - Hadley and Bennett rehearsal dinner

Mama & Egie

Mallory, Hadley, MC - Christmas shower for Hadley

Janet & Hadley

Janet, MC, Mallory, Mama, Hadley - Had's bridesmaid's luncheon

Uncle Jesse & Aunt Normie - Topsail Beach 2010

They will probably kill me for this, but it's pretty typical - all 3 aunts/sisters in the kitchen at the beach.

Whoa pictures. HELLO!
Here's the real reason behind this post - the other day I started thinking about characteristics that the King women all have in common. So, without further ado, here is my list of sure signs you're a King woman. (This list is not all-inclusive)
- Big jewelry (and lots of it): BUT worn in a completely NOT gaudy way. No kidding. We all have this unspoken philosophy of "the more, the merrier," but somehow it never looks over done. Aunt Normie pulls this look off the best of all of us. She has been the queen of the stacked bangle for as long as I can remember. It's fabulous.
- The Yankees are playing? We're watching.
- Hostess with the "mostest": All of the King women are perpetually in "hostess mode." We LIVE to entertain. Not in the American Idol way, but in the "she can throw one heck of a dinner party" way. We get this from Mama.
- Oh you mean you didn't want me to take a self portrait when you handed me your camera and said, "Here, will you take a picture?"
- Bouncing quarters: All I have to say about this subject is that every single one of us, including the boys, can make a bed so tight you could bounce a quarter on it. Hashtag that one under: hospital corners.
- The ability to throw a curve ball is more important than the ability to throw a perfect spiral.
- No naked nails: Again, this falls directly under Mama. We all have this built-in need to have our nails painted at all times. Directly related to that, we've got many a Rubbermaid box full of nail polish in our bathroom cabinets. OPI tends to be the polish of choice.
- Wait, you mean you don't dress up to go to sporting events?
- We all speak fluent sass.
- Southern Belle, or nothing at all: Thank goodness for being taught at an early age how to make sweet tea, biscuits, and chocolate chess pie. We appreciate, and understand, that writing thank you notes for everything is essential an part of being a lady. We know that time spent on a porch swing is necessary and precious, and we always remember that if we EVER try to come to Mama's dinner table without shoes on, we will be sent away to remedy the problem.
I love my family, and I am so thankful for the "abnormal" relationships that we all have with each other!

**Update: After my mom told me she'd read this post and loved it, she pointed out that I hardly talked about MaMa! Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at how awesome my grandmother is... coming soon.


  1. OMG! You nailed it. We are quite a bunch aren't we!!!! Mom,Janet,AJ


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