My first attempt at gardening!

And I use the term "gardening" verrrrry loosely. Real gardeners, the kind who are serious about the things that grow in their backyard, might take offense to my referring to a potted plant as an attempt at gardening! Who cares.
My experience with plants thus far has consisted of whatever "un-killable" plant my mom would bring to "liven up" my apartment when I lived in Wilmington. I had one that lasted a couple of years... but I moved it to another shelf, forgot about it, and it died. Story of my (gardening) life. A couple of weeks ago my sister and I were at Lowe's one Saturday morning because I've decided I want to grow Peonies. (The Peonies have yet to be planted, by the way.) While we were there, I saw this amazing Mayan-looking decorative pot. Hadley and I both got one, but until today, they've been empty and neglected because we couldn't decide what to plant in them. Well, last weekend I was at my cousin's house in Raleigh and noticed that she had the exact same pot! With a plant in it! I went back to Lowe's today in search of the same type of plant and was successful! Tonight after dinner I drug my dad out into the driveway so that he would help me get my plant from the plastic hanging basket into my awesome pot. When I say "help" I really mean, do all the dirty work and I'll take pictures - for my blog, duh! I had to recruit my dad because his thumb is about as green as it gets. Heck, all 10 of his fingers are green.

This is what we started with. I thought I did a pretty goo job shopping for myself.

We soon realized that my plant was not going to fit through the small opening in my pot.

Dad's solution? Chop it in half!
I would also like to say that I did everything up to this part myself. Well, almost.

Hey Dad, not quite sure we needed a hatchet for this job, but it definitely made it a little more manly!

Then we realized that my tiny bag of potting soil was not going to be enough. Dad went into the garage and got one he already had. Why did I even buy dirt in the first place?

The finished product!

Eventually, my plant is going to fill out and look a little more AWESOME and a lot less wimpy. I hope. I'm also hoping that my thumb will begin to turn a little less black and a little more green. Even if it's a light shade of green. I'll keep you posted, and when I plant my Peonies, I'll be sure to let you know how it goes.


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