A train! A train! A train! A train!

I never thought I would say this but...drum roll.... running isn't terrible. It isn't great, but it isn't so bad anymore! I actually felt kind of good (whhhaatttt??) when I got done tonight. I still can't run very FAR or for very long spans of time, but I'm working on it. I'm up to 2 miles, which is HALF of what I am running in April, so that is a small victory. Even though that 2 miles is 1/2 running 1/2 walking I still traveled 2 miles. On my FEET! Not in a car, not on a bike (not in a box, not with a fox, not in a house, not with a mouse). Anyways... woo-hoo! I'm becoming a runner!
Some of my running songs tonight: I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas. New Shoes - Paolo Nutini. Alright With Me - Kris Allen. Ashes - Embrace. Break It Out - The Rocket Summer.

I do so like green eggs and ham!
Thank you! Thank you Sam-I-Am!
Dr. Seuss


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