Little Victories

Today I ran for a total of 19 minutes. That is a lot for this non-runner! Did I mention that half way through I accidentally hit the "Cool Down" button instead of the slow down button and had to restart the whole thing so that it would keep slowing down on me every minute? Umm yeah. So I lost track of my distance but it was somewhere around 2.3 miles. That is .3 farther than I was doing! Like I said.... little victories. I did 10 more minutes on the elliptical and 10 more on the rower. That was only because I'd reached my time limit on the treadmill and I felt like I shouldn't stop while I was in the groove. You know what the best part is?? After "all" of that working out... I don't feel like a spaghetti noodle!

Also... while I was on the elliptical machine, this 13 (there is no way this girl was any older than 8th grade) year old girl and her friend got on the machines on either side of me. The both kept yelling over me what "number" was under "the place that says distance." Eventually I started paying attention to how far they had gone. I'm glad I did because 5 minutes later when they both got off and announced they'd gone 7 and 5 miles I had to laugh. Why? Well, apparently they stopped teaching decimals in middle school... they had gone .7 and .5 miles. Stay in school kids.

Some favorite running songs today: Middle of Nowhere - Hot Hot Heat, There Goes The Fear - Doves, Break It Out - The Rocket Summer, Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers (don't laugh), More Than Anything - Hillsong United


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