To blog, or not to blog...

I realize that I NEVER blog anymore and when I do, it is never anything interesting. Actually, I feel like I only write on here at all just because I feel like I should and what I say is just a string of random thoughts... just for the sake of posting something. I started thinking about it, and I came up with a list of reasons for my  recent apathy towards blogging.

10 reasons I don't love blogging:

10. I'm not tech-savvy enough to make it look just the way I want.

9. Putting pictures up is kind of frustrating and annoying.

8. I'm not very clever...

7. ...but since I don't have a husband or kid, I feel pressure to be clever and keep it interesting...

6. life is not that interesting.

5. Does anyone even read this anyway??

4. This is my blog, so shouldn't I be able to say what I want?? Well, I feel like in this place of honesty, I still have to censor myself. I can't talk about an awful day I had at work or times that my principal makes me cry. I can't talk about how I have ZERO tolerance for stupid people, and even less than that, stupid drunks. I can't complain about things that annoy me or something that hurt my feelings. Oh, and heaven forbid that I am too negative. Well... what if my life goes through a time that just sucks? (Yeah, I said "sucks" Mom and Dad.) And that is another thing... my parents read this.

3. I am not really sure how often to update. Once a week, a couple times a week? Who knows.

2. Lately, I would rather update short little blurbs multiple times a day. Thank you Twitter.

1. I know that I will never be, nor do I want to be, some really popular blogger that everyone reads, so sometimes I wonder if it is even worth it at all.


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